Adwise has time for innovative projects thanks to Florbs

Adwise has more time for innovative projects thanks to Florbs

Adwise is a digital agency with more than a hundred creative minds. They pursue experiences that drive competitive advantage and sustainable growth by helping you to see beyond the horizon. “Having an innovative culture means I’ve got an endless to-do list. By using Florbs I can skip the repetitive and time-consuming tasks. I am now able to focus on growing other parts of the organisation”, says Jeffrey Oelen, Google Workspace manager at Adwise. 

Jeffrey Oelen is responsible for the whole admin side of Google Workspace. He arranges the onboarding and offboarding of all employees, structures the groups and organisational units and ensures that the rest of his colleagues can collaborate smoothly by feeding them with the latest tips and tricks within Google Workspace.

Before Florbs
‘With 100+ employees working within Google Workspace daily, the admin work became quite a hassle. Tasks like onboarding, offboarding, creating consistent signatures and monitoring data exposure are crucial, but require a lot of manual clicks’. As Jeffrey has a technical background, he knows his way with Google Apps Manager (GAM). This made it a bit less time-consuming already: ‘GAM opens up a lot of possibilities, but it isn’t intuitive and it still takes a lot of time to configure’.

With Florbs
‘Florbs saves us a lot of time by automating Google Workspace admin tasks

With the Admin Automation in Florbs, I only had to configure our on- and offboarding workflow once. This doesn’t only save me at least one hour per user, it also ensures that I don’t forget some steps within the process. 

The Email Signature Management solution ensures that the marketing department can schedule their own signature campaigns. When someone takes on a different role within the organisation, the signature changes automatically. That’s how they keep our brand consistent without my help. 

And thanks to Monitoring & Reporting I made it a monthly habit to have a thorough look at our data exposure. Complicated tasks like removing an external user out of our data could take about two hours using GAM. Florbs enables me to do so with only a few clicks.’

Why Florbs
‘With the user-friendly interface in Florbs, you only need a few seconds to figure out how things work. As Adwise encourages employees to try new things, it is very valuable that I can trust our Google Workspace to run smoothly and automatically. It means I can focus on new innovative projects. Optimising the meeting rooms for hybrid working is one of those projects that I could finally open up some time for.’

Florbs saves us a lot of time. Time-consuming tasks that took me about hours are changed into a few clicks. Some of them are even completely automated, such as our off-boarding processes.

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