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Employee offboarding workflow in Google Workspace consists of a number of steps necessary to perform for each user, often with waiting periods between the actions.

Google Workspace offboarding checklist

Why automate offboarding in Google Workspace?

Manual offboarding in Google Workspace can be a tedious and repetitive task. Automating this process will not only save up to 2 hours of your time per user, but also significantly decrease the chance of human errors that could harm your organization and result in security breaches due to delays in revoking access to files or additional costs due to unsuspended licenses.

Florbs User Management Automation is a solution that allows you to create a fully automated offboarding workflow in Google Workspace. With just a couple of clicks you can create a customized template workflow which will perform all the necessary actions in accordance with your company processes without admin assistance. Whenever someone leaves the organization the workflow will take care of offboarding, freeing up your team’s time for other tasks while providing you with full visibility and control over the process.

Florbs offboarding solution for Google Workspace gives you a platform to centrally manage users’ access to groups and third-party apps, transfer all account data to Google Cloud Storage quickly and securely, and keep track of your active licenses to cut down on unnecessary spending.

Automating and streamlining time-consuming and boring tasks such as employee offboarding in Google Workspace will not only allow you to do more with fewer people and reduce risks of human error. Repetitive manual work and inefficient processes are often a cause of frustration and decreased productivity and job satisfaction for administrators, which can result in higher employee turnover. Lack of central overview and control can lead to confusion and avoidable mistakes. Adopt a more efficient approach and your employees will appreciate it.

What Florbs customers say about offboarding in Google Workspace?

“Florbs saves us a lot of time by automating Google Workspace admin tasks. It allows me to manage employee offboarding with only a few clicks. We save around 2 hours per user offboarding with Florbs, if not more,” – said Jeffrey Oelen, Google Workspace Manager at Adwise, a digital marketing agency. Read the full success story: Adwise success story.

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