About us

Florbs strives to boost the management of Google Workspace. How? By creating outstanding automation and monitoring solutions. Or, as we like to say: we bring you Google Workspace management on steroids.

Our story

We think collaborating within Google Workspace is great, but the management could be much better. After working and developing with Google Workspace for years, we felt it could improve in meeting our needs.

That’s why we started the adventure called Florbs. Florbs is an abbreviation or synonym for fluid orbs: “A substance that has no fixed shape and yields easily to external pressure.” Florbs creates a shell around your Google Workspace that’s designed to solve your everyday challenges.

By putting our heads together as customers, partners and the Florbs team, we ensure that our solutions make Google Workspace management more secure, intuitive and easier to adopt. And, that’s not just a vague commitment, we actually promise you free support in case that’s needed.

Are you ready for Google Workspace management on steroids?

Our values

We have one mission

It is our mission to move your organization forward by avoiding recurring time-consuming tasks.

We are passionate

We are experts and passionate about our IT solutions to drive the most value out of your Google Workspace.

We dare
to try

Our aim is to provide intuitive Google Workspace solutions. Easy to adopt and quick time to value.

We want to collaborate

Collaboration is key to the value we bring to our customers. Always based on insights and feedback

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