New feature: push Out-of-Office Autoreplies

Do you recognize the frustration that you message someone and still don’t have a reply 5 days later?

Most of us set Out-of-Office/vacation replies when we’re off for a couple of days.  But what if someone left the organization but didn’t add a notification? Or even worse: if someone unexpectedly had an accident and will be unavailable for a while? 

Admins can’t just log in into someone’s personal email without permission. And just forwarding all received emails to someone else isn’t only time-consuming, it isn’t desirable from a privacy perspective either. However, if urgent matters don’t reach the right team, it could pose quite a risk.

That’s why we introduced  our new Out-of-Office Autoreply feature:

Using Admin Automation you can push automatic Out-of-Office replies to specific Google Workspace users. You don’t need access to someone’s personal email or settings, you can just push the Out-of-Office from out of the Florbs app.

The biggest advantages of this new feature

  • Avoid frustrations at sender side 
  • Privacy  
  • You won’t miss out on urgent emails from people that don’t know their email won’t be read
  • Consistent and branded autoreply templates.

Since this feature can be quite useful during offboarding, we’ve included the option to add automatic responders in our workflow builder as well.

Use the out of office feature of Florbs to push automatic responders to your Google Workspace users

How do I create an Out-of-Office template?

Go to the Florbs app and select ‘Out-of-Office’ within the Admin Automation section:

Create the template you want to use and push it towards specific users or add it to your workflows using the workflow builder.

There you go:  people who are trying to reach your organization will be forwarded to the right team.


Interested in more information about our new Out-of-Office feature, workflows or our Admin Automation solution?  Just get in touch with Wouter via or use our contact form.

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