News & insights: brand new features and a new person to drink coffee with

Two months passed in 2022 already. Time flies, and what a couple of months we’ve had. Let’s wrap up the months of new year’s resolutions, valentine and stormy weather.

It wasn’t just a resolution to keep on going, We’re actually on a roll. Another 3360 users joined us in using our solutions. Bringing us to a total of 60.000 users on steroïds. And, with our annual anniversary coming up, we’ve signed our first renewals as well. We’re very thankful for all the enthusiasm of our customers and partners, it’s a blast to see how Florbs actually makes working with Google Workspace more intuitive.

Our team is growing as well. Welcome Wouter, our new Business Development Manager!

“From the very first meeting with Florbs, I felt the positive vibe surrounding the team and the Florbs solutions. There is a lot of expertise and enthusiasm within the team and partners.I am really looking forward to meeting my new team, learning more about Florbs and starting to work on the business.”

Wouter van Zijtveld

And, of course, our Florbs team keeps building on our solutions, resulting in a couple of brand new features.

New features

Admin automation:


The new workflow feature enables you to simply drag and drop the tasks that need to be done during the creation of new accounts, groups and other recurring procedures. Automating onboarding and offboarding saves our customers (and ourselves) a lot of time. Have you seen that we’ve already improved the feature with a redesign? We’ re curious what you think about it.

OLX Group and citizenM already tried this feature, and we’re happy to share their experiences:

Daniel Zwiers, Tech Team Information Security Manager @ citizenM
Aitor Elcoroaristizabal, BITS Infrastructure Services Manager @ OLX Group

Spoiler alert: both reduced the onboarding processes from hours to only a several minutes.

Email Signature Manager:

Signature analyzer:

Have you seen our new analyzer feature? By showing the pushed and the active signature of a specific user next to each other, it’s even easier to manage personalized signatures. You can access the feature via the signature logs.

Conditional templating:

Talking about personalized signatures: did you know Florbs supports the Mustache templating syntax? This enables you to add personalized working hours or any other information specified in the Google directory. How? Check our blog post.

Monitoring and reporting:

Bulk actions:

The overview of all data shares within domains was already useful, but now we’ve actually launched the bulk actions as well. Unshare files across your whole domain with just one click. Whether it’s about unsharing everything that’s shared with a specific domain or user or whether you want to delete all permissions for public link sharing, you can take control of your data with just a few clicks.

Copy button:

Changes don’t always have to be very complicated to be impactful. We’ve listened to your experiences with the file audit and added a button to copy the domain and email addresses. So, interested in checking one specific domain or user a bit more thoroughly? There’s no need to select or retype it anymore. Just hit the button and it will be copied.

Curious what’s coming up?

Soon we’ll launch our quick scan. It will enable you to gather insights about your data before having to decide whether you want to subscribe to our Monitoring & Reporting solution.

Last but not least, we probably will share some news (and the first pictures!) of our new HQ…

We’ll keep in touch with our partners and customers about which new features and improvements should be coming up first. Feel free to share your thoughts!

Niek Waarbroek
CEO and founder @ Florbs

Niek loves to use state of the art tech to develop smarter business apps. As one of the 33 Google Developer Experts on Google Workspace worldwide, he’s fairly involved within the Google community. Within Florbs he combines being a programmer and consultant: the perfect fit.

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