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At Florbs, collaboration is one of our core values. With the Florbs Partner Program you are joining a community of passionate professionals and experts. Together we bring more value to your new and existing Google Workspace customers.

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Our aim is to provide solutions that make Google Workspace management more secure, intuitive and easier to adopt. Florbs streamlines time-consuming tasks and provides insights and control. By doing so, we not only drive increased productivity for employees but also foster a more secure working environment, ensuring the utmost protection for your organization.

What benefits do partners get?

Grow your business and stay ahead of the curve with Florbs. These are some of
the benefits you can expect as a Florbs Partner:

Special pricing​

Benefit from excellent pricing deals to make your partnership both lucrative and meaningful. Maximize your competitive advantage by including Florbs in your offering for Google Workspace customers.

Training & support

Receive training from our expert team on how to leverage our solutions to their fullest potential for maximum benefit of each customer. Pass on this knowledge to your customers, enabling them to make the most out of Florbs.


We are always there to assist you. We highly value your suggestions and feedback, as we strive to enhance our solutions and find the best ways to meet specific needs of every one of your customers.

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Protect your investment of time and resources, and leverage our support in the sales cycle. Registering a deal helps ensure that your efforts are recognized and rewarded.

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Automate user lifecycle

Create customizable user onboarding and offboarding workflows in Google Workspace, transfer user data and prevent data loss.

Stay in control of shared files

Gain control of data exposure with in-depth insights into file sharing across your domain.

Boost brand recognition

Maintain consistent branding by centrally managing email signatures for your organization.

It’s your choice: Leverage standalone solutions or purchase the complete Florbs Suite.

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Together, we’ll bring more value to your Google Workspace customers.

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