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July 5, 2024

Added risk indicators on file details page

We’ve enhanced the file details page with color-coded chips that quickly show if a file is shared outside your trusted network. Now, it’s easier to see potential risks at first glance.

Google Drive file details

July 3, 2024

Added a new files filter: activity

You can now filter files based on date they were created and last modified.

filter files in Google Drive based on date created and last modified

June 21, 2024

Added a new files filter: document type

You can now find all files of a specific type (docs, sheets, slides, images, videos, and so on).

Document type filter in Google Drive

May 16, 2024

Data classification process overview per OU

Compare how many files in each OU were assigned Drive labels. Monitor the progress and help your organization’s departments stay on track with data classification.

Drive labels overview per OU

April 22, 2024

Added donut chart view to Drive labels

Added a visual interpretation of Drive labels and access permissions, making it easier to quickly understand and identify data leak threats.

Google Drive labels file access permissions overview per label

March 15, 2024

Expanded Drive label overview

Identify threats faster with the new overview. Sort all labeled files by access permissions. For instance, if many files labeled “Confidential” are accessible to “Anyone with the link,” it may be worth investigating.

Google Drive labels overview by access permissions

February 6, 2024

Added Drive label overview

You can now see all Drive labels in your organization, the number of files with each label, and their access permissions. Use this overview to monitor and manage file labels and access permissions more effectively.

Google Drive labels overview file access permissions

December 19, 2024

Added shared drives overview

You can now see all shared drives in your organization, the number of files in each shared drive, and their access permissions. Zoom in on shared drives with sensitive information to identify data leak threats.

shared drives permissions Google drive

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