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Google Workspace is a powerful suite of productivity and collaboration tools that is used by millions of businesses around the world. With Google Workspace, you can communicate, create, and collaborate from anywhere, on any device. However, as your organization grows and your workforce expands, your Google Workspace license costs can quickly spiral out of control. In this blog post, we'll explore some tips and strategies to help you control your Google Workspace license costs and optimize your investment.
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Discover how Florbs helped Randstad save on Google Workspace Archived User license costs:

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The costly legacy data challenge

Data protection regulations such as GDPR typically require businesses to keep their former employees’ data for a certain period of time after they left the company. Continuing to use full Google Workspace licenses for this purpose is expensive ($72-$216 per user per year depending on the plan) and could lead to a data breach if anyone gets access to the account, as full Google Workspace licenses grant access to company applications and potentially sensitive information.

The most cost-effective way to retain ex-employees’ data

Google introduced Archived User licenses to address the need for retaining this legacy data. While these licenses are more affordable, they still represent a significant expense ($72 per user per year) that needs to be factored into your budget. That is why many companies are looking for more cost-effective, innovative solutions like Florbs.

Florbs allows you to archive user data to Google Cloud Storage quickly and in bulk. With Florbs, you just pay for the Cloud Storage that belongs to your company and is in your full control. You are able to create a policy that will ensure that the data is retained for a certain period of time, as required by compliance laws in your region. If the need arises, you are able to retrieve the data from Google Cloud Storage archive.

Let’s consider a scenario where your company needs to offboard 200 employees and retain their data for 6 years as mandated by GDPR. On average, each employee account contains approximately 5GB of data. For this example, we’ll use the average cost of a full Google Workspace license, which is $144. To store the data, we’ll opt for Google Cloud Storage (Archive storage) in Frankfurt, which costs $0.0025 per GB per month.

By performing a quick calculation, it becomes evident that utilizing Florbs can result in an astounding cost reduction of up to 99.5%!


To save you time, you can create templates and apply them to selected users or groups of users in bulk.


Never miss deadlines: integrate data transfer into your offboarding workflow

Given that employees leaving your organization is an ongoing process, a solution that would automatically archive their data to the Cloud Storage and free up those expensive licenses in time to be reassigned to new users could make a huge difference in cost saving.

Since employee offboarding involves a lot of steps, errors are bound to happen even in the most experienced and reliable IT teams. We are humans after all! At the same time, it is equally as important to acknowledge that sometimes missing even one step can be costly. For example, if a Google user license is not suspended and reassigned immediately after they leave the company. Automation can make a world of difference in avoiding costly human errors. Integrating user data transfer and license suspension in your automated offboarding workflow will ensure that you never miss a deadline again, optimizing your investment.

The best part? Both user data archiving and employee offboarding workflows are seamlessly integrated into the same Florbs solution, called Admin Automation. All you need to do is set up a workflow once and it will take care of all necessary tasks. 

Find out more about automated offboarding with Florbs here:


Managing Google Workspace license costs is essential as your organization grows. By considering cost-effective alternatives for retaining ex-employees’ data, such as Florbs, and streamlining offboarding workflows through automation, you can achieve substantial savings while maintaining compliance and data security. Taking control of your Google Workspace license costs will help optimize your investment and contribute to the overall success of your organization.

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