Admin Automation

Automate onboarding processes, gain insight in user settings and offboard employees without the risk of losing data.
Intuitive, easy to adopt and secure.
Admin Automation solution by Florbs

Focus on what really matters by
reducing time-consuming recurring tasks

Google Workspace management can be quite a hassle.  Learn how Florbs can automate, manage and monitor your domain:


Onboarding & offboarding within seconds

Workflows empower you to automate complete processes.  Add your own triggers, conditions and actions using an easy-to-use drag and drop editor.  Especially useful for on-and offboarding.

Automate Google Workspace offboarding with workflows
Impression of Florbs with the Gmail delegate settings

Manage shared inboxes

Using shared inboxes? Manage access of all delegates within one overview.

Stay in control of email account forwarding

Get the overview of which accounts are forwarding their email, or create a new forwarding address yourself. 

Florbs Admin Automation - Gmail forwarding screenshot
Overview of how to manage calendars with Florbs Admin automation

Empower teams with shared calendars

Create, monitor and edit Google Calendar permissions within one overview.

Push Out-of-Office Autoreplies to unavailable users

Ever encountered the situation that someone was unavailable for a longer period of time, but didn’t add an Out-of-Office message? Push an Out-of-Office responder and make sure that people who try to reach the organization get forwarded to the right team.  (No access to personal emails and settings needed.)

Use the out of office feature of Florbs to push automatic responders to your Google Workspace users
Transfer Google Workspace data using Florbs

Transfer account data: Gmail, Calendar & Drive files

Transfer Gmail, Calendar and/or Google Drive files from one account to the other – within the same domain.  You can also choose to merge data from several accounts into one account. Especially useful to archive inactive users without losing data.

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