Data Exposure Scan

Do you know how many files are shared outside your organization? Florbs does.  

Our Google Drive audit offers you insights into:

  • The sharing habits within your organization
  • Which domains files are shared with
  • Whether sensitive files are publicly accessible
  • Current Drive permissions

We share files with others everyday: with colleagues, partners, customers. Is this information in safe hands?

Identify how many drive files are shared, which domains and users files are shared to and whether files are publicly accessible. In just a few hours, our drive audit will create a dashboard to help you identify possible data exposure risks. Change the permissions of multiple files at once or automate your Google Drive management with our Monitoring & Reporting subscription.

Read more about our unique superpowers ‘Bulk actions’ to change Drive permissions at once in this blog

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Digital download, set-up will start direct after purchase. We offer free support

one-time purchase: € 499 ex vat

*when upgraded to our
Monitoring & Reporting solution

While people tend to forget what they’ve shared. Florbs helps to stay compliant by giving you control over your data exposure


Average amount of shared files per user


Average amount of public shares per user


Number of scanned files and still counting


Average amount of external shares per user


Florbs processes your personal data because you use our services and/or because you provide us with this information yourself

Florbs requires access to your Google Workspace environment. These are the minimum required scopes:

  • Read-only access to
    • users
    • groups
    • organizational units
  • Google Drive access to:
    • Drive metadata (read-only)
    • Manage Drive data, including
      • CRUD permissions
      • transfer ownership
      • move files

Yes, please check our Privacy Statement or contact us via if you have any questions

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To start your Drive Audit you have to buy a one-time purchase. After a successful payment your Drive Audit setup will start and be activated. It takes 24 hours to gather your Drive file information. After this your Data Exposure will be visible in our unique dashboard. Once it’s ready, you will be notified by email

Good question! You will need to upgrade to the Monitoring & Reporting subscription (€1.00 / user / month)

We help you, we listen to your feedback and we support you. All for free!

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