Monitoring & Reporting

Gain insights via monitoring and get in control with your compliance and privacy regulations.
Monitoring & Reporting by Florbs

Do you know how many files are shared outside your organization?

Florbs does.

We help you to stay in control of your data exposure

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Gain insights, manage and take action instantly

With Monitoring & Reporting you get insight into the sharing habits of your users and the super powers to manage external shared files

Gather insights about file-sharing habits

Our dashboard monitors your data exposure. It shows the sharing habits within your organization, which domains files are shared with and whether files are publicly available. Florbs offers you insight into where it could go wrong.

Identify data exposure with the Florbs dashboard
Use the Florbs dashboard to unshare multiple files at once

Mitigate the risk of data exposure. Unshare sensitive files 

Get the super powers to change permissions with just a few clicks. Unshare files from whole domains or users, search for specific criteria and run automated bulk actions to secure all matching files at once. 

Take care of orphaned files 

Regain orphaned files and prevent them from still roaming around with our extensive search function.

Find orphaned files using Florbs
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Curious about the data exposure of your domain?

In just a few hours, our drive audit will create a dashboard to help you identify possible data exposure risks.

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