Email Signature Management

Create, preview, apply & schedule Google Workspace email signatures.
Email Signature Management by Florbs

Keep your corporate identity consistent

This feature-rich solution also includes in-app image storage

Administrators can now centrally manage and create email signatures for your organization.

We covered every level: from specific groups to departments.

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Create personalized email signatures with Florbs

Create and manage email signatures

Compose and manage Google Workspace email signatures for one or more email accounts in the domain.

Signatures will be published in real time.

Sync with your Google Address List

Keep email signatures up-to-date and in sync with your global address list. Use the available placeholder tags/fields in the visual editor to populate email signatures with accurate (contact) information.

Use contact field mapping within your Google signature
Create different signatures for aliases

Configure email signatures for alias addresses

Configure email signatures for alias addresses in your domain.

Schedule for a campaign period

Plan the release of one or more email signatures on a specific date and/or time.

Schedule email signature campaigns using Florbs

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