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Google Workspace management with Florbs

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Florbs helps you streamline Google Workspace management, create automated workflows, protect your sensitive data and quickly prove compliance, and maintain consistent branding in email signatures.

Automate user lifecycle

Create customizable user onboarding and offboarding workflows in Google Workspace, transfer user data and prevent data loss.

Stay in control of shared files

Gain control of data exposure with in-depth insights into file sharing across your domain.

Boost brand recognition

Maintain consistent branding by centrally managing email signatures for your organization.

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Before we started using Florbs, we didn't really know who had access to our files in Google Drive, which was concerning. Revoking access used to be time-consuming and was often overlooked. With Florbs, I never have to worry about file security, and it saves me a lot of time."

Jeffrey Oelen
Workspace Manager

Florbs mitigates the risk of sensitive data exposure and allows us to focus on what really matters, while staying in full control of our files in Google Drive."

Mick Mulder
Workspace Administrator

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Protect files


Create security workflows to automatically revoke access or adjust access permissions to ensure that data is accessible only when necessary and only to those who need it. Improve compliance and eliminate the risk of human errors.