Gmail signature management

Effortlessly create and deploy email signatures centrally for the whole organization

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Put an end to mismatched Gmail signatures

What problems have our customers solved with Florbs?

Compliance fines for missing legal disclaimers in email signatures
Bottlenecks and delays due to reliance on IT team for email signature updates
Outdated branding that hurts brand reputation and causes confusion
Inaccurate contact information caused by manual updates in email signatures

We understand the Gmail signature management challenge

Roots in the Google Workspace ecosystem

Niek Waarbroek, the founder of Florbs and a Google Developer Expert, has been helping businesses in Google Workspace for over 12 years as a consultant and developer. He recognized that many organizations were looking for an efficient way to centrally manage and update email signatures in Google Workspace.

Building solutions to enhance Google Workspace

Recognizing the headache caused by the inability to centrally manage Gmail signatures for many organizations, Niek decided to develop Florbs to address this gap. Florbs enables you to easily create, update, and deploy email signatures for the entire organization.

Saving time and effort for IT teams

Since its inception, Florbs has helped more than 300,000 users in companies spanning across 25 countries worldwide to take control of their Gmail signatures. Central management of email signatures saves time and reduces the workload on IT teams by enabling non-IT teams to effortlessly manage signatures, thanks to Florbs user-friendly, code-free interface.

How it works


Gmail signatures

Design a unified email signature template for the entire organization, or tailor templates for specific individuals and departments. No IT skills needed – Florbs intuitive interface does not require extensive computer knowledge.


Gmail signatures

Effortlessly assign signatures to the entire organization, specific departments, or individuals. Tap into the marketing channel you already own by adding banners and links to email signatures to boost traffic for marketing campaigns. Schedule deployments for seasonal promotions and limited-time offers.

Full control

of Gmail signatures

Delegate signature management to non-IT teams while staying in full control with role-based access control. Automatic sync with Google Directory ensures always up-to-date contact details in signatures. Consistently branded signatures on every email promote a professional image for your brand. New employees are automatically equipped with appropriate signatures. No more outdated and mismatched email signatures!

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Manage signatures

Florbs enables centralized management of email signatures, saving you time and effort. With automatic sync ensuring up-to-date contact data and seamlessly pushing signatures to staff, email signature management is as low-maintenance as can be!