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Since 2012, we have been helping businesses tackle challenges in Google Workspace. Now we introduce Florbs.

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Does this sound familiar?

Difficult to audit access to files in Google Drive
Files containing sensitive information are accessible externally
Admins are overloaded with Google Workspace management tasks
Impossible to change file access permissions on a large scale
Human error due to lack of automation
Compliance with data protection regulations is challenging

Florbs goes beyond Google Admin Console capabilities

automated security policies

Error-free automated workflows

“As the business grew, we would have to either hire more admins to keep up with the workload, or sacrifice strategically important projects.”

Automated security policies to control file exposure

Automatically remove access when files meet certain criteria

Zero touch employee onboarding and offboarding workflows

Automated data classification policies to manage Drive labels

error free automated workflows

Specialized in file security in Google Drive

“We had hundreds of thousands of shared files. Auditing and removing access manually would have taken us months.”

Immediately actionable real-time snapshot of file security status

Predefined filters for high-risk files to quickly identify vulnerabilities

Proactively prevent security incidents before they occur

Manage permissions for many files at once

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Easy to use, code-free solution

“As the only Google admin who knew how to use GAM and Google Admin Console, I always found tasks piling up on my desk.”

Delegate security per OU or Shared Drive

All actions can be tracked and undone

CISOs and data protection officers can act without relying on Admin’s help

Admin freed up for strategic projects

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What have companies achieved with Florbs?

Discovered an ex-C-level executive still accessing sensitive documents via personal email

A customer found that a former senior executive had shared sensitive documents with a private email before leaving, and was still actively accessing them while working for a competitor. All access was instantly revoked with Florbs.

Protected files from unauthorized access through shared links

With Florbs, a company detected confidential documents shared with “Anyone with a link”. The access was instantly removed, and a policy was created to automatically protect similar files in the future.

Removed all shares with a domain

MSP discovered that all their customer’s company data in Shared Drives and My Drive was accessible across the whole domain and searchable by anyone in the company. After trying to solve the problem for days, they tried Florbs and were able to instanly remove all shares with the domain.

Saved 2 hours per offboarding

Automating time-consuming user management and file access governance tasks allowed Google admin teams to focus on strategic projects driving innovation.

Eliminated human error

With the heavy workload of routine work Google admins face, it is easy to oversee a task. For example, forget to remove a third-party’s access to files after collaboration concludes. Automated workflows ensure all tasks are always performed without delay.

Reduced costs

Florbs zero-touch automated workflows reduced the workload of the Google admin team and eliminated the need for additional hires.

Increased productivity and work satisfaction

Automating onboarding process made sure that everyone has access to all the resources they need from day one.

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Created by Google Workspace Experts

With over 12 years of experience in Google Workspace, we created Florbs with a deep understanding of the unique needs of Google Workspace users. Our exclusive focus on Google ensures a strong partnership and enables us to stay closely connected to the pulse of Google’s innovation, ensuring our products are ahead of the curve and future-proof.
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Simplification is our guiding principle in designing software solutions. Ease of use is paramount in our minds, and we are dedicated to the continuous improvement and optimization of our solutions to enhance the user experience. Our solutions can be used by non-IT teams with no technical knowledge, such as data security professionals and marketing teams.

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Take advantage of our 14-day free trial and see Florbs in action.