Meet Florbs.

Your Google Workspace management on steroids

  • Gain insights and get in control with your compliance
  • Manage and automate on and offboarding processes
  • Keep your corporate identity consistent

Easy to adopt, intuitive and insightful

Florbs brings you Google Workspace management on steroids
+ 300,000 users worldwide already on steroids

Boost the management of your Google Workspace,
by using any solution that fit your needs: 

Automate onboarding processes, gain insight in user settings and offboard employees without the risk of losing data

Keep your branding consistent by creating, managing and scheduling personalized signatures

Get in control of data exposure by in depth insights about file sharing across your domain 

Do you know how many files are shared outside your organization?

Florbs does.  
Monitoring & Reporting helps you to secure your domain:

  • Prevent data from roaming around
  • Insight in which files are shared out of your domain
  • Super powers to unshare files
  • Get rid of orphaned files
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