File security for Google Drive

Protect your files in Google Drive from unauthorized access

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Put a stop to all file security concerns

Because when you’re not in control of file sharing…

It’s a mystery who has access to your files in Google Drive
Files containing sensitive information are accessible externally
Former employees continue to have access to sensitive data
Impossible to change file access permissions on a large scale
Anyone with the link can access confidential files
Compliance with data protection regulations is challenging

We know firsthand it’s not easy to centrally manage file sharing in Google Drive

Roots in the Google Workspace ecosystem

Niek Waarbroek, the founder of Florbs and a Google Developer Expert, has been helping businesses in Google Workspace for over 12 years as a consultant and developer. He believes that Google Workspace is an unparalleled collaboration suite. But while it makes file sharing simple, it also presents a challenge: centrally keeping track of who has access and preventing data breaches and misuse.

Building solutions to enhance Google Workspace

Having seen many organizations struggle with achieving a centralized, organization-wide view and control of file sharing in Google Drive, Niek took it upon himself to create Florbs. We believe that you deserve a tool that enables you to identify who has access to your files and empowers you to proactively protect them.

Protecting Google Drive files around the world

Since its inception, Florbs has helped more than 300,000 users in companies spanning across 25 countries worldwide to protect their files in Google Drive from unauthorized access, improve compliance, eliminate human errors and prevent data loss.

How it works


file access permissions

Find out which external parties have access to your company files, see exactly which files are shared and what the access permissions are. Use pre-defined filters to identify high-risk files, and take advantage of suggestions to improve file security.


or change file access permissions​

Protect your files in Google Drive from unauthorized access. Instantly revoke or change access permissions for individual users, groups, or whole domains, and apply these changes to multiple files at once. Stop, limit or change access through shared links.

Never worry

about file security again

With complete visibility of your data security in Google Drive and fully automated workflows, you are free to focus on other important projects, knowing your data is protected and meets compliance standards.

That's not all...

Apply and remove Drive labels in bulk

Data classification is an important requirement of many data protection regulations. Florbs gives you granular control over data classification, and enables you to compare labelling progress per OU to ensure the entire organization is keeping up with the requirements.

Delegate file security to non-IT teams

Assign a person responsible for file security for a specific OU and grant them visibility and control only within that OU.

Get automatically generated file security reports

Receive a customized file security report in your inbox with information that is important to you.

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Protect files


Create security workflows to automatically revoke access or adjust access permissions to ensure that data is accessible only when necessary and only to those who need it. Improve compliance and eliminate the risk of human errors.

Don’t just take our word for it

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Before we started using Florbs, we didn't really know who had access to our files in Google Drive, which was concerning. Revoking access used to be time-consuming and was often overlooked. With Florbs, I never have to worry about file security, and it saves me a lot of time."

Jeffrey Oelen
Workspace Manager

Florbs mitigates the risk of sensitive data exposure and allows us to focus on what really matters, while staying in full control of our files in Google Drive."

Mick Mulder
Workspace Administrator

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