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Adwise Saves 2 Hours per Employee Offboarding in Google Workspace With Florbs Workflow Automation

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The growing importance of Google Workspace workflow automation

Adwise, a digital marketing agency based in the Netherlands, has grown substantially in recent years. Managing the company’s Google Workspace environment has become increasingly complex. Keep reading to learn how Adwise successfully tackled this issue with the help of the complete Florbs Suite.

“Florbs saves us a lot of time by automating Google Workspace admin tasks. It allows me to manage employee offboarding with only a few clicks. We save around 2 hours per user offboarding with Florbs, if not more”

Picture of Jeffrey Oelen

Jeffrey Oelen

Workspace Manager


Too many manual processes

As the company grew, the number of Google admin tasks has become overwhelming. The company needed to either hire additional Google admins to handle the increasing workload, or allocate their Google admins’ time solely to manual tasks, leaving little room for other crucial and innovative projects.

The strain caused by the increasing workload of manual tasks could lead to frustration among the IT team; and the declining quality of IT support may result in dissatisfaction and potential loss of employees across other departments.

Manual employee offboarding

The manual employee onboarding and offboarding in Google Workspace cost Google admins a lot of time and effort, and left room for human error. Missed steps in user offboarding could potentially lead to security threats.

No grip on Google Drive security

Adwise lacked a Google Drive auditing tool to provide visibility over file access permissions. Some employees shared files with their personal email accounts, and even after leaving the company, they retained access to sensitive corporate data.

Inaccurate email signatures

Due to the absence of centralized email signature management, employee signatures often contained inaccurate contact information and lacked consistent branding.


Automation software for enhanced Google Workspace management

The Google admins at Adwise were in search of a straightforward, effective and user-friendly tool to address the challenges they were encountering.

Workflow automation in Google Workspace

The employee offboarding checklist consists of numerous tasks that span over several weeks. Managing these tasks manually on a large scale poses the risk of forgetting or delaying important actions. Adwise was looking for a tool to create automated workflows, ensuring that all necessary tasks are scheduled and executed automatically.

Full control of Google Drive security

Generating Google Drive audit reports manually was inefficient and time-consuming. The company sought a tool to create dashboards to promptly identify security breaches and enable immediate action to protect company data.

Centralized Gmail signature management

Adwise was looking for a way to ensure that every employee had accurate information and logo in their email signature. The goal was to find a solution that could be easily managed centrally, eliminating the need for employees to manually update their email signatures individually.

“Our collaboration with Florbs is going very smoothly, thanks to open lines of communication. The Florbs team is great, and they understand our needs well. We are very content with the partnership”

Picture of Jeffrey Oelen

Jeffrey Oelen

Workspace Manager


Improved productivity and security with workflow automation in Google Workspace

Since implementing Florbs, Adwise has experienced a significant boost in productivity for Google admins. Managing Google Workspace has become more efficient, requiring less time and effort. The security of company data in Google Drive has improved, providing greater peace of mind.

google workspace automation

Saved time on Google Workspace user management with workflow automation

Workflow automation saves Google admins 2 hours per employee offboarding, while completely eliminating the risk of human error that is often unavoidable in such complex processes. The entire procedure runs automatically, without the need for intervention from Google admins. This not only saves time but also brings peace of mind and confidence.

Effortless Google Drive security and auditing with a couple of clicks

With Florbs, Adwise can easily scan data to identify potential risks and take immediate action to ensure the utmost protection for sensitive information. Before Florbs, identifying potential security threats and removing file access in Google Drive was time-consuming. With Florbs, this only takes a couple of clicks.

Moreover, a CISO or a data protection officer without the technical knowledge of Google is able to perform necessary data audits in Florbs without relying on Google admins.

Always correct email signature branding and information

Florbs Email Signature Management ensures that Adwise maintains consistently accurate email signatures, reflecting the appropriate branding and information for each entity within the company, each with their own logo and website.

Florbs empowers the Marketing team to easily create and tailor email signatures to promote company events and other initiatives, all without relying on the IT team for assistance. Marketing team is able to push the signatures to the relevant groups, ensuring that every email reflects the correct branding and messaging.

Key takeaways

We asked Jeffrey Oelen, Workspace Manager at Adwise to share his advice for companies dealing with similar challenges.

Here is what he shared with us:

Automate time-consuming manual processes

With workflow automation you can save a considerable amount of time in managing Google Workspace. This not only lightens the workload on your Google admins and frees up valuable resources but also eliminates human mistakes and brings peace of mind. With automation in place, employees can focus on more strategic and meaningful work, leading to increased job satisfaction and productivity.

Invest time in creating optimal workflows

Taking time to create automated workflows tailored to your company's internal processes from the start ensures that you maximize the benefits of workflow automation. Florbs gives you the freedom to customize the workflows to suit your specific needs. By investing time once to optimize your workflows you will save a lot of time in the long run.

Enable non-IT staff to foster collaboration and efficiency

Google Workspace is intricate, with the majority of tasks often falling under the responsibility of IT teams or Google admins by default. By empowering non-IT staff to carry out actions that traditionally required technical expertise, a user-friendly tool like Florbs helps alleviate the workload on IT teams and eliminates bottlenecks.

At Adwise, the Marketing team can now efficiently manage email signatures for the entire company without relying on the Google admin. Additionally, a potential (CISO) or data protection officer can effortlessly conduct audits of Google Drive data without the need for intervention from the IT team.

Whenever the Google admin is unavailable, any team member without the knowledge of GAM or Google Admin Console can easily assign email and calendar delegations in Florbs. This ensures uninterrupted productivity for the company, preventing tasks from piling up for the Google admin to manage upon their return.

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