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OLX Group reduces unnecessary license costs using Admin Automation Plus

OLX Group is one of the world’s fastest-growing networks of trading platforms. Helping 322 million people every month buy and sell cars, find housing, get jobs, buy and sell household goods, and more. “With a growing team of 11.000+ employees it means we have to onboard around hundreds of new employees per month and take care of a secure offboarding”, explains Aitor Elcoroaristizabal BITS Infrastructure Services Manager. He is responsible for a team of 12 engineers together they take care of the IT support for OLX Group.

Before Florbs

In the past, OLX Group had to manually offboard employees leaving the organization. This means we had to search per suspended employee which accounts data needed to be transferred. This took us about 2 hours per employee. Unnecessary costs were involved as well if we did not free up licenses in time. Like many IT departments, Elcoroaristizabal has to deal with:

  • onboarding and offboarding of hundreds of employees per month
  • recurring tasks e.g. transfer of account data
  • taking care of IT support

That’s not sustainable and cost-intensive with the growing business and actively hiring strategy. “We want to deliver IT support for all the tools and resources necessary to integrate with OLX Group marketplaces”, explains Elcoroaristizabal.

With Florbs solutions

  • manually tasks have become automatically scheduled tasks
  • offboarding of suspended users are automated completely
  • unnecessary costs of suspended users are reduced
  • OLX Group saves time

Why Florbs

OLX Group values solutions that are the best in their field, with a proven footprint. Most importantly they have to:

  • integrate seamlessly with our other applications
  • help us to improve IT support automation

It is nice to have a solution and a partner who likes to think along with us. A great example of our latest discovery: being able to communicate the working hours automatically in the email signature. Very welcome because we can now manage expectations even better.

“We also like to think along with our vendors for improvement. Florbs is giving us this opportunity and that’s why we are also involved in an early stage of new product development. We like to invest in ourselves and each other to reach our full potential!” Elcoroaristizabal


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