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Randstad Drastically Reduces Licensing Costs with Florbs Automated Data Workflows

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The importance of efficient Google Workspace management

Randstad is a multinational human resource consulting firm that operates in 39 countries around the globe and has 46,000 employees worldwide. For a large organization like Randstad, efficient Google Workspace management is crucial.

“I was pleasantly surprised how easy it is to create workflows in Florbs. You don’t need instructions or training: with just a few clicks you can see what is possible within the application.”

Picture of Roman Spantgar

Roman Spantgar

Product Owner Global Collaboration
at Randstad


Data management and migration challenges in a global organization

As a large organization with a long history, Randstad has offboarded many employees since it was founded in 1960. Over time, managing former employee data has become increasingly complex.

Managing global employee data in compliance with data protection laws

Data compliance regulations such as GDPR and Freedom of Information Act require businesses to store employee data years after they leave the company. As a global organization, Randstad needs to store data across multiple countries in accordance with various national and international data protection laws.

Introduction of Archive User licenses changed the way companies store data

On January 1, 2023, Google completed the transition from Vault Former Employee (VFE) subscriptions to Archived User (AU) subscriptions. This put significant pressure on Randstad to move the data of a significant number of offboarded employee accounts before that date to avoid incurring additional expenses.

Time constraint

At the time Randstad came in contact with Florbs, data transfer for all of the accounts in Google Workspace had to be complete within just a few months.


Automated workflows for quick and efficient data transfer

Randstad required an efficient solution for transferring user data from Google Workspace, including data from Google Drive, Chat, and Gmail, to ensure compliance with data protection regulations in the appropriate countries.

Prompt assistance

Florbs support team was able to start working on the request from Randstad immediately.

Setting up the right data streams

Randstad was able to create workflows that followed the company’s specific requirements for storing different types of data.

Working together to optimize the workflow

Florbs worked closely with Randstad to create the most efficient workflow that prioritized data transfers from the smallest accounts to free up the bulk of the licenses.

“If you need to manage or migrate a lot of data, like we did, Florbs solution is highly recommended. Their efficient and quick assistance was invaluable to us, and we wouldn’t have been able to achieve the same result on our own”

Picture of Roman Spantgar

Roman Spantgar

Product Owner Global Collaboration
at Randstad


The data from nearly all accounts transferred in the limited time

Randstad has implemented a solid offboarding flow that archives former employee data for all regions, reflecting the company’s commitment to continuously improving data security and compliance practices.

Vast majority of the accounts migrated in time

With the help of effective workflows in Florbs, Randstad managed to transfer the data of nearly all accounts in time. Randstad drastically reduced its number of licenses, resulting in a significant decrease in license costs for the company.

All data stored in accordance with company requirements

Randstad has internal company guidelines that dictate how all data should be stored. Florbs support team was able to assist in creating tailored workflows to ensure that all data is stored in accordance with these policies.

More grip and overview on data security

Florbs has enabled Randstad to effortlessly manage its data. With just a few clicks, the company can manage access permissions, providing greater control over data security.

Key takeaways

Valuable insights in employee lifecycle management in a global human resources organization

Create a workflow for archived user accounts

Archiving the data of former employees upon their departure from your organization in an efficient way is a crucial part of your data management. Save time and effort by creating automated workflows for former employee data archival.

Incorporate flexibility in where you store data

Create a flexible workflow for archiving data, as you might have additional requirements or need to adjust the process later on.

Start with the smaller accounts in bulk

When dealing with large amounts of data, start with the smaller accounts in bulk. This ensures that you have migrated most of the data at the beginning and can focus on the remaining large accounts last.

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